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Incorporate iRM's software into your existing financial systems for streamlined analysis and scalability.


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Employ the new financial algorithm analytics tests for deeper insights and enhanced performance assessment.

Risk Assessment

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Leverage configurable risk scores to tailor risk evaluations and improve the precision of your auditing processes.

What is iDetect?

iRM, a leading provider of innovative cloud-first AI software, has recently announced a significant global release, revolutionizing financial risk discovery and anomaly detection. This latest update is set to redefine transparency, speed, and scalability in the financial sector, marking a new era in financial data analysis and management.

Sayantan Polley, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of iRM, highlights the release's focus on rapidly identifying risks within financial datasets. This capability is crucial for businesses to make informed decisions and respond with agility and precision. iRM takes pride in its contribution to ethical and transparent financial transactions, with its advanced technology adept at detecting irregularities and minimizing risks. The new release brings substantial enhancements to the iRM platform, enabling organizations to fully harness its state-of-the-art features.

Key Highlight:

Streamlined Integration into Organizational Workflows: The update introduces advanced capabilities for integrating iRM seamlessly into existing workflows, simplifying processes, and ensuring consistent, scalable financial analyses.

Innovative Financial Algorithm Analytics Tests: iRM's latest release includes three new financial algorithm analytics tests. These tests provide valuable insights by comparing current data with previous periods, supported by new visualizations for a comprehensive assessment of current and historical performance.

Configurable Risk Scores for Enhanced Flexibility: The introduction of customizable risk scores in this update allows organizations to tailor their risk evaluation processes, specifically enhancing audit sampling and insights for account-specific risks.

Expanded Performance Capabilities: iRM continues to lead in data anomaly and risk detection by extending its capabilities to handle larger data sets, reinforcing its position as a market leader while simultaneously improving the user experience.

Time-Saving Benefits and ROI: The enhancements in this release are designed to maximize the time-saving benefits and return on investment for iRM's users, further solidifying its reputation as a valuable tool in financial risk management.


✔ There is an entire visual representation of which employee is given which role and all the conflicts that are occurring or     can occur in the future.

✔ Authorities can easily manage when they want to take away particular access or modify any roles immediately and in a     hassle-free manner.

✔ Easy deletion or creation of any user when they leave or join the organization for mitigating risk factors.

✔ Even after setting every role design, for better assurance to organizations, there are many other internal controls to keep     track of every change and issue.

Asked Questions

Q. What makes iRM's technology unique in      financial data analysis?

iRM's technology stands out for its advanced algorithms capable of analyzing extensive financial data, identifying patterns, and detecting anomalies. It empowers financial professionals to assess control risks efficiently and accurately, focusing on the highest-risk aspects of a business.

Q. What are the key interpretability techniques      used in iRM's machine learning models?

iRM employs several interpretability techniques, including visualization techniques to understand data relationships, feature attribution methods like LIME for understanding data structure, and prototype-based methods for capturing learned patterns in the data.

Q. How does the latest iRM release improve      financial risk management?

The latest iRM release enhances financial risk management by offering improved insights and transparency. It facilitates a better understanding of various financial aspects like vendor risk, payroll irregularities, and expenditure trends, making it easier for stakeholders to trust and comprehend AI-generated results.

Q. How does the new iRM release aid financial      professionals in decision-making?

The new iRM release aids decision-making by providing expanded entry details with visualization techniques that help in comprehending complex data relationships. This feature helps in contextualizing risk scores and guides finance professionals in making informed decisions based on AI-generated insights.

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